Challenges – and our goals

Well-organized logistics, risk management, and the correct decisions in relation to the entire business of the company will not be possible without effective communication and mutual understanding between the people responsible for logistics operations and the rest of the company (production, sales, customer service, owners, and the management). This requires a high level of awareness on the part of logisticians – supply chain managers as well as warehouse and distribution managers.

Our goal is to share experiences and knowledge, in order to strengthen the competences of logisticians in communication and in collaboration with the business environment – to openly talk about expectations and limitations, and to build a culture of partnership-based relations.

Logisticians, supply chain managers, warehouse managers

– They gain greater awareness, and are prepared for creating partner relations with other functions in the company.

Business owners and management boards

– They find partners – in the persons of logisticians – with whom to talk about business challenges.

Our ambition is to jointly search for optimal solutions for the enterprise as a whole, to support a rational investment policy, to reach consensus as to the directions of changes and stability of development, and to achieve business goals.

What is it that we do?

Chaingers' Day

• A meeting of an experienced and open-minded group of managers
• Practical knowledge – case studies from projects in the eye of customers
• Visiting modern distribution centers and warehouses
• Exchange of experience with logistics leaders in their industries
• Integration and fun, casual and full of pleasant surprises

Trends and changes in logistics ware the theme of the event organized especially for Chainers’ clients and partners on June 21-22, 2022. See the event photo gallery »


These are discussions integrating the experience of experts and practitioners in business management, warehouse logistics, and technology. Concrete conversations, exchanging views and perspectives inspire more efficient actions and prudent decisions.

Chaingers is a co-founder and content partner of the cycle implemented jointly with the Nowoczesny Magazyn [Modern Warehouse] Journal of Warehouse Facilities Managers, and the Logistyka a Jakość – [Logistics vs Quality] Journal of Supply Chain Managers.

Modern Warehouse

Chaingers’ consultants have been taking part in the Modern Warehouse events in various forms, for many years. In the latest edition, Chaingers senior logistics consultant Łukasz Musialski shared his expert know-how in designing automated warehouses, and moderated a discussion panel devoted to this subject.

Wsparcie wiedzy

We plan to conduct research projects, and collaborate in this respect with universities and research units. We wish to share our knowledge by publishing articles and studies resulting from our experience and practice in broadly understood logistics, accumulated over many years.

Integracja branży

We make our best effort to be actively present wherever we can implement the ideas of integration and development of competences in the logistics industry; we take every opportunity to inspire discussions and share experiences.