Problems and challenges

Competitive advantage – either in customer service or in the scope of the company’s offer – requires well-organized warehouses and distribution centres. The decision to invest in a warehouse, in automation or in rebuilding processes is of strategic importance for the business, particularly now that we are witnessing an unprecedented shift of sales to e-commerce channels.

Management of the company

Logistics faces great challenges today, while striving to meet the profoundly changing demands of the market. Transforming and adapting to the new situations involves serious strategic decisions.

Logistics manager

Warehouse logistics is a link that “delivers” sales targets. Logistics is under pressure of requirements and expectations, and these keep changing and growing continually.

Warehouse manager

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are required of the warehouse. The operational capacity is rarely matched to the needs.

Jak możemy pomóc?

Audits and optimizations »

• Quick-check of warehouse logistics
• Logistics audit of the warehouse
• Warehouse processes optimization
• Due diligence of warehouse logistics

Strategies and decisions »

• Warehouse strategy
• Determining the location of warehouses
• ‘Rent or buy’ analysis and decision
• Feasibility of implementing automation
• Calculation of warehouse space requirements

Concepts and projects »

• Logistics master plan / layout of the warehouse
• The concept of ‘fulfilment centre’
• Equipment specification / tender documentation
• IT / WMS design

Implementations and support »

• Warehouse start-up support (project management)
• Increasing the efficiency of the warehouse (interim management)
• Implementation of the tender procedure for equipment purchase
• Assembly supervision and approval
• Implementation supervision of warehouse automation
• Implementation supervision of WMS / IT system