Chaingers is a team of proven, experienced, and effective people – engineers, managers, and logistics consultants. We like working together – we welcome challenges, we enjoy sharing knowledge and experience, and we grow and learn with each new project.

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Chainers’ Way – work comfort and full support

In our company, we make sure to provide everything that makes the work of each individual specialist and project leader comfortable, and we offer full support in the aspects of staffing, technology, and organization.

How do we support our consultants?

People – access to a team of analysts and specialists in various fields

Knowledge – an internal center of logistic and consulting competence as well as market insight

Technology – a set of tools and methodologies at every stage of the consultant’s work

Smart-Back-Office – administrative and formal support – professional organization with a minimum level of bureaucracy


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Work culture at Chaingers


We are straightforward and honest – with ourselves, with our colleagues, and with our Clients. We speak frankly and plainly, without unnecessary formality.


We make up a group of people who like and support each other, and who share strong ties. We act for the common good, without needless politicking or rivalry.


We carry out our tasks as agreed, and we do our utmost regardless of the conditions or emerging difficulties.


Our driving force is our focus on continuous growth and development – learning about new areas of work, new types of projects, introducing improvements and effective work tools. All this makes us grow as individuals and as the organization

Work life balance

Bearing in mind the good of the company and our own wellbeing as individuals, we are able to find a balance between work (career and ambition) and private life (health, entertainment, family, spirituality). We take time to rest and relax, which allows us to develop the organization with redoubled energy.


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