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Chaingers is a team of proven, experienced and effective people – engineers, managers and logistics consultants. We focus at good collaboration, proactivity, open communication, honesty and trust, both inside the organization and in relations with our clients.


Bartosz Jacyna
Managing Partner / Senior consultant

Nearly 20 years of experience in problem solving in the field of logistics for production and distribution companies. Business advisor and strategist.

Łukasz Musialski
Managing Partner / Senior consultant

Nearly 20 years of experience in logistics and consulting projects implementation. Specialized in warehouse logistics, distribution networks as well as automation and IT systems.

Witold Bachaj
Senior Consultant / Project Manager

Specialized in planning and managing of logistics departments, team and budget management, production organization and planning of technological lines. Consulting and project management.

Kazimierz Grabowski
Senior Consultant / Project Manager

25 years of experience in warehouse management. For many years, project manager and interim manager in projects related to warehouse logistics optimization and transformation.

Chaingers' Team

Paweł Löffler
Logistics Consultant

10 years of experience in logistics, specialized in warehouse logistics and its latest solutions, especially in the field of warehouse automation

Kamil Studnicki
Administration and Marketing Manager

8 years of experience in business, specialized in marketing project management and administration

Dariusz Kierski
Logistics Consultant

Over 30 years of experience in logistics and business, specialization in supply chain management, distribution and contract logistics

Michał Piłat
Logistics Consultant

24 years of experience in logistics and business, specialized in transport and forwarding management as well as logistics consulting

Robert Korczak
Project Manager

15 years of experience in business and logistics, specialized in logistics, warehouse processes and project management

Małgorzata Bojsza
Cooperation - Head of People & Culture

Over 20 years of experience in business and HR, specialized in HR strategy and recruitment processes; trainer, coach

Marta Wróbel
Logistics Analyst

Over 15 years of professional experience, mainly in the field of logistics and automotive, focused on data analysis and developing process optimization skills