Problems and challenges

Ensuring the continuity of supplies and the availability of goods or raw materials while maintaining reasonable level of costs requires good planning and efficient logistics at every stage.

Management of the company

A properly configured supply chain should safeguard a favourable cost structure while ensuring security, continuity of implementation, and high quality customer service.

Logistics Manager / Supply Chain Manager

The key is to ensure operational capacity throughout the supply chain while maintaining flexibility and reducing risk. This involves being prepared for various scenarios, and timely reaction to changes.

Supply Manager / Purchasing Manager

The focus is on the diversification of suppliers, proper service parameters, and availability of goods and/or raw materials. Distribution costs constitute a component of the sales value.

Sales Director

The focus is on the speed of order fulfilment, availability of the product assortment, and quality of order processing. The cost of customer service translates into the commercial terms of cooperation with the Client.

How we can help

Audits and optimizations »

• Quick-check of the company’s logistics
• Supply chain / distribution network audit
• Transport management audit
• Optimization of the ‘last mile’
• Due diligence of the company’s logistics

Strategies and decisions »

• Supply chain strategy
• Location of central warehouses
• ‘In-house or outsourcing’ analysis
• Consolidating warehouses

Concepts and projects »

• Distribution network plan
• Cross-dock location
• Principles of planning delivery routes
• IT design / SRS (software requirements specification)

Implementations and support »

• Realizacja przetargu na usługi logistyczne / outsourcing
• Ocena i rekomendacja wyboru lokalizacji magazynowej
• Przeprowadzka i konsolidacja magazynów