Logisys is a leading consulting brand in the fleld of logistics and supply chain management, with over 20 years of history. It boasts the largest portfolio of completed projects and references on the Polish market. Chaingers’ shareholders are co-founders of Logisys, and as of July 2020, the Logisys brand also belongs to Chaingers.

The Logisys brand, specialized in logistics consulting, supports and enriches Chaingers' implementation and engineering competencies.

The synergy of the two brands - Logisys' experience and knowledge base, gained through hundreds of projects, and a new view, innovation and implementation approach of Chaingers, accumulate in one organization at this point.


Logistics consulting leader

Logisys is a leader in logistics consulting in Central Europe - a brand number one in terms of completed projects and references list on the Polish market. For many years, Logisys used to be the only Polish logistics consulting company, which successfully implemented projects also in the most demanding German market. Logisys has been setting the standards for the logistics consulting market in Poland and was the only company in Poland conducting the largest-scale, cyclical panel research in the field of logistics – the Polish Logistics Managers’ Panel.

The largest project portfolio in Poland

Logisys designed and streamlined logistics processes for over 100 companies in Poland and abroad, implementing several hundred projects of great variety and, in many cases, also of high complexity. The base of knowledge and skills that Logisys accumulated over the years facilitates the optimization of logistics at companies from varied industries.

Logistics competence centre

Logisys possesses expert competencies in all key aspects of logistics, defined as management of operations and processes pertaining to the flow of materials, products, information, and services.

Logisys’ logistics consulting

  • Consulting on warehouse logistics
  • Consulting on distribution network and supply chain
  • Consulting on transportation logistics
  • Consulting on the logistics of production
  • Consulting on the cooperation with a logistics operator

Logisys comes back home!

a common story of Logisys & Chaingers brands

In July 2020, Chaingers bought the Logisys brand from the Finnish logistics operator HUB Logistics.

It means that the Logisys story has come full circle and the brand come back to a company whose founders and shareholders are actually... the very founders of Logisys, as well.


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