What are you getting?

Translating business assumptions into a concept or a detailed design, consistent with best practice, state-of the-art technology, and experience from previous implementations

Value: Independent solutions to meet business requirements

We provide: Modern concepts, based on know-how and numbers, to meet logistic and business goals

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Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development

    What services do we provide?

    Warehouse master plan »

    A comprehensive warehouse logistics project consisting of:
    • analysis of flows, forecasts, demand, warehouse size
    • CAPEX / OPEX / ROI calculation
    • layout drawing, location of zones, shelves, passageways
    • other elements contributing to the faultless operation of the warehouse..

    Similarly, it is possible to plan a production plant with the layout of zones, production and technological lines, with plant / internal logistics.

    Warehouse layout

    Design of the optimal layout and development of warehouse space

    Among other things, it encompasses the distribution of zones and traffic routes in a way that allows optimization of resources (space in particular) and processes performed.

    Concepts of solutions for the given zone or production plant

    Developing a concept of a solution for a zone, plant, or region – such as a fulfilment centre or a production plant – based on flow analysis and forecasts, on knowledge and experience, as well as the analysis of current resources and boundary conditions

    Planning of the distribution network

    Developing a concept of a solution for a distribution network at the level of reloading points, delivery routes, and the entire network – based on the analysis and forecasts of flows, on knowledge and experience, as well as the analysis of current resources and boundary conditions

    Equipment specification

    Translating the approved master plan into the language of product enquiry and offer

    The exact formulation of the components of warehouse infrastructure as a result of the optimal design of warehouse operation, constituting a coherent concept to be implemented

    The specification enables conducting a tender procedure for the equipment and ensures comparability of the offers.

    Warehouse automation

    • Maximize your ROI and avoid lost sales
    • Reduce labour and warehouse space costs
    • Give your business a chance to grow

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