What are you getting?

An independent assessment of the current situation, with the elaboration of proposed changes and improvements, leading to the assumed objective

Value: Good judgment and assessment of the situation, making it possible to focus on priorities

We provide: Independent conclusions and consistent recommendations based on external competences and experience

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Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development

    What services do we provide?

    Logistics Quick Check »

    Quick expert audit, which includes the analysis and specialist assessment of processes according to the current situation in order to select priority areas for improvement

    As a result of the logistics quick-check, recommendations are developed along with the resulting short- and long-term tasks in the form of a roadmap, improving the efficiency of logistics.

    Recommendations can be implemented by both the Client and the Chaingers’ Consultant.

    Logistics audit

    • is carried out with a specific, defined business goal in mind.
    • determines the perspective of process modernization (depending on the purpose and the scope) – in production logistics, warehouse logistics, and distribution logistics

    In order to get the full picture, it is necessary to include in the audit the key areas of logistics and their links with sales / production / purchases, which include: logistics infrastructure, logistics organization, logistics system (supply chain) and IT system.


    Recognition (through observations and measurements, process maps, heat maps, statistical analyses, MOST analyses or other tools) and evaluation of process optimization potentials

    The outcome is a list of recommendations for the optimal sequence of processes and the so-called business case – estimated costs, resources and benefits from the proposed enhancement.

    Review and assessment of the company’s logistics / supply chain / warehouse / distribution as part of a broader due diligence process

    Due diligence in the area of logistics

    Warehouse automation

    • Maximize your ROI and avoid lost sales
    • Reduce labour and warehouse space costs
    • Give your business a chance to grow

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