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We support organizations in their effective implementation of changes in logistics – from the beginning to the conclusion of the entire process. Starting from the accurate assessment of the situation, to ensuring the security of decisions made and the development of optimal concepts and projects, to full implementation supervised by managers with many years’ worth of experience.

Audits and optimizations

Key service:

Logistics Quick Check »

Value: good judgment and assessment of the situation, making it possible to focus on priorities

We provide: independent conclusions and consistent recommendations based on external competences and experience

Strategies and decisions

Key service:

Logistics strategy »

Value: safety in making strategic moves

We provide: development and evaluation of scenarios and justification of key decisions

Concepts and projects

Key service:

Warehouse master plan »

Value: independent solutions to meet business requirements

We provide: modern concepts, based on know-how and numbers, to meet logistic and business goals

Implementations and support

Key service:

Warehouse implementation »

Value: high efficiency of projects and changes thanks to experience, with readily available resources (people, know-how, tools)

We provide: human resources, their experience, knowledge and tools supporting the Client in the effective implementation of solutions

Warehouse automation

  • Maximize your ROI and avoid lost sales
  • Reduce labour and warehouse space costs
  • Give your business a chance to grow

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