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Developing scenarios and criteria for decisions that allow you to make a clear-cut and well-considered business decision

Value: Safety in making strategic moves

We provide: Development and evaluation of scenarios and justification of key decisions

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Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development

    What services do we provide?

    Logistics strategy »

    Developing scenarios and recommending decisions regarding the configuration of the supply chain / model for the development of warehouse and distribution resources (e.g. in-house or external warehouse, “rent or buy”, etc.) based on business criteria, analysis, and cost-benefit estimation

    The developed scenarios are assessed in terms of their feasibility and risks over time, whereas the current resources are taken as the starting point.

    Decision support

    Generating and analysing possible scenarios, taking into account the business model as well as the current situation and existing resources of the company

    Summary of the cost and benefits of available alternatives, development and recommendation of decisions

    Feasibility studies, e.g. for warehouse automation

    Evaluation of profitability and benefits of implementing warehouse automation based on stream analysis, technology knowledge base, as well as the business case and business criteria (e.g. ROI) for warehouse automation and logistics processes

    Estimating the demand for warehouse space, particularly useful when searching for and preparing to conclude a lease agreement or to purchase a warehouse or a plot of land

    Warehouse automation

    • Maximize your ROI and avoid lost sales
    • Reduce labour and warehouse space costs
    • Give your business a chance to grow

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