Problems and challenges

It is up to the production warehouses (of finished products, components, raw materials, materials and maintenance) whether production plans are met, and whether their quick and prompt change is possible. Meanwhile, production space is always in short supply.

Management of the company

On the one hand, it is imperative to ensure the continuity of production and security of resources supply, and on the other hand, it is vital to maintain the ability to supply customers – in many cases including not only the company’s own products, but also commercial goods.

Logistics manager

Typically, the warehouse is too small for the production buffering requirements. The production space will always rank higher than the warehouse space, which is increasingly difficult to accommodate – and thus to provide the operational capacity to support production to a satisfactory degree. Often, there is also the problem of inconsistency between reported and actual stock availability in the warehouse.

Production manager

The key is to ensure the continuity of production processes and the ability to quickly respond to modifications in the production plan. In addition, it is important to smooth the flow between different zones and monitor the consumption of components already released from the warehouse.

How we can help

Audits and optimizations »

• Quick-check logistyki zakładu produkcyjnego
• Audyt logistyczny w obszarze produkcji
• Optymalizacja logistyki procesów produkcji
• Due dilligence logistyki wewnętrznej

Strategies and decisions »

• Production logistics strategy
• ‘Expansion or outsourcing’ analysis
• Feasibility of implementing automation
• Calculation of warehouse space requirements

Concepts and projects »

• Logistics master plan / layout of the warehouse
• Production plant logistics concept
• Equipment specification / tender documentation
• IT / WMS design

Implementations and support »

• Warehouse start-up support in production plant (project management)
• Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing logistics (interim management)
• Implementation of the tender procedure for equipment purchase
• Equipment assembly supervision and approval
• Implementation supervision of warehouse automation
• Implementation supervision of WMS / IT system