January 5, 2024

POLISH ELECTRICAL GROUP FORUM-RONDO SP. Z O.O. is a dynamically growing network of electrical wholesalers, operating since 1999. Currently, it includes 51 member companies with a total of 150 sales points located throughout Poland.

In November 2023, Chaingers consultants completed a two-stage project for Forum Rondo, consisting of:

  • a quick expert audit (Quick Check) of the company’s current logistics system
  • developing a warehouse logistics strategy.

Quick Check consisted primarily of a review of individual warehouse processes, available technical infrastructure, the WMS system, inventory analysis and slow-moving goods. The observations and conclusions obtained allowed us to generate a set of recommendations for implementation, presented in the form of a roadmap for the coming quarters.

Then Chaingers analyzed 5 different scenarios for conducting logistics operations. Each scenario was analyzed in terms of the space needed for the coming years, expansion possibilities, operating costs of a given warehouse and ensuring a high level of customer service. A detailed SWOT analysis supported the decision-making process in selecting the option that will best meet the current and planned business needs of Forum Rondo.