August 31, 2023

Last year, following the completion of a QuickCheck expert audit, Chaingers consultants developed a logistics concept for the expansion of a new warehouse facility for Onninen Polska (Kesko Group).

Onninen is Polish network of wholesalers specializing in distributing materials and equipment for the electrical, installation-heating, sanitary, and ventilation industries. With the rapid growth of their business, they have decided to enhance their operational capabilities in warehouse logistics and distribution.

Currently, together with the Onninen team, we are working on implementing the concepts that include, among other:

  • Providing support for architects to ensure the consistency of the architectural project with the logistics concept;
  • Developing detailed specifications for logistics equipment, including static and mobile storage systems, intralogistics transport, and other dedicated equipment for future processes and operations;
  • Providing support for the expansion of existing warehouse automation, increasing the efficiency of shipping processes.

The completion of the project and the launch of the new facility is planned for 2024.