A manufacturer of gastronomic equipment and stainless steel furniture. Importer of kitchen appliances and cookware. Since 1990, Stalgast has been supporting gastronomic businesses. The company possess a modern production plant in Radom and a warehouse of over 24,000 sqm. The head office is located in Warsaw. The average monthly number of SKUs is 8,000.


Effective development of the company through the efficient functioning of the organization. Preparing the company for changes in logistics; indicating priorities and directions of activities so that the company adapts the management system and efficiency to market challenges after the covid-19 pandemic.


  • Expert assessment of the company’s logistics
  • Recommendations for actions and priority changes
  • Roadmap for implementing changes


  • 13 recommended changes in areas such as personnel management, storage, international distribution, WMS system
  • Warehouse logistics analysis allowing to draw rational conclusions
  • Process optimization activities mapped and queued
  • Analysis of development prospects in terms of warehouse process and automation

Contact regarding the offer

Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development