ASAJ is a Polish company from electrotechnical industry, operating since 1990.
Currently has 22 branches, including 3 regional warehouses, and the product range covers 75,000 active SKUs.
In 2021 ASAJ has made approximately 2 million releases.


Comprehensive support for the launch of the new Distribution Center in Siedlce. Implementation of the warehouse logistics project (warehouse masterplan), previously commissioned by ASAJ.
The implementation of the Masterplan was carried out in 6 stages. It was to ensure the consistency of the building, warehouse automation, WMS system, meeting technical requirements, in particular fire protection, and business goals.


  • Specifications, tenders and contracting of equipment, including VNA trucks, standard and double-deep pallet racks and warehouse automation: Autostore solution
  • Supervision of deliveries, assembly and acceptance of equipment
  • Verification of fire protection solutions
  • Support for the architectural and construction design process in terms of building consistency with logistic equipment, including automation
  • WMS system specification and support in integration with automation
  • Supervision over the relocation of warehouses and adaptation works


  • The industry’s first implementation of an Autostore class solution
  • Optimization of warehouse space by maximizing storage density
  • Preparing ASAJ to ensure distribution efficiency and scalability, in accordance with the business goals of the project

Contact regarding the offer

Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development