Andropol S.A. is a leader in the production of uniform fabrics for the Polish army, police, border guards and foreign military customers; a well-known manufacturer of bedding sets. 2 production locations: Białystok and Andrychów, existed since 1906.


Cross-sectional, expert assessment of internal logistics processes and system as well as technology and infrastructure. Recommendations for changes to increase the company logistics efficiency.


  • Indication of changes in operational processes in order to increase their efficiency
  • Increasing the storage capacity, taking into account the planned relocation of the finished goods warehouse
  • Minimizing the risk related to the workforce
  • Review of IT systems efficiency


  • 19 Quick Wins recommendations along with an estimate of the increase in the efficiency of individual processes and warehouse space
  • 7 medium and long-term tasks that can result in up to 40% warehouse efficiency increase
  • Roadmap queuing and scheduling activities 5 quarters ahead in the area of ​​infrastructure, IT systems as well as processes and people

Contact regarding the offer

Bartosz Jacyna
Partner, Business Development